SMART Recovery Group

Tuesdays @ Parnangga

SMART Recovery is a self-help, mutual-aid program that offers a place for people to get together to try and examine and change behaviours that are harmful to themselves and others.

We support recovery and exploration from all addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, shopping, internet, sex, just to name a few and the associated behaviours like anger, depression, and procrastination.

It is not a therapy or counselling session. The focus is to promote self-management and personal responsibility (taking ownership of one’s choices and behaviours).

We do not use labels; for example, ‘addict’ or ‘alcoholic’.

Group participants are here to help themselves and each other and we promote open group discussions around strategies and planning.

SMART Recovery is a practical and solution-focussed program which uses tools and techniques from CBT which looks at the links between thinking, feeling, and behaviour to help people achieve their goals. Achievable goals are set weekly; with focus on the ‘here and now’ being the last 7 days and the next 7 days.

We welcome anybody, including people who attend 12 step programs, other treatment services, and those receiving pharmacotherapy.

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Event Date 23-05-2017 10:30 am
Event End Date 23-05-2017 12:00 pm
MIFSA Parnangga
64 Elgin Ave Christies Beach, South Australia 5165 Australia
MIFSA Parnangga
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"Life has changed from feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and not being able to get off the couch, to hopeful, engaged and looking forward to the future." 

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