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​ We would like to share stories of discovery and growth from participants who enjoyed their camp experience, while increasing their confidence, capacity and self-esteem. 

"I was very excited to be able to go on this camp. I am 27 years old and have never been allowed to go on camp before, even when I was at school... It was great being able to help with the planning of the camp. It felt good to be able to help others when we decided on which rooms everyone wanted. On camp I learned that I could be more independent and that I could be responsible for looking after myself and taking my medication. Normally, I have carers at home that help me with my meals and my medication. I really enjoyed cooking and helped with every meal. I cooked the barbeque and I learned how to do some new recipes like pancakes when other people helped me in the kitchen.... I loved the camp and can't wait to go on another one!" 

"I am a participant and a volunteer with MIFSA and enjoy the added responsibility of volunteering and mentoring others. I really enjoyed being involved with the planning of the camp and deciding on the menus and activities for camp. We all put forward suggestions for things to do and then I contacted various places to get more information. I know how important exercise is for my mental health and regularly take a walking group at Wayville and I encouraged people on camp to come on an early morning walk. Each morning we had a small group go for a walk. I enjoyed using my personal experience to help other participants, particularly when one participant became quite agitated. I assisted him by talking to him and listening to him. I checked in on him and involved him in some walks to prevent his behaviour from escalating. I really enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge and taking on more responsibility." 

The camp was an exercise in teamwork, effective communication and development of relationship skills as staff, students and 21 participants worked together to plan and complete a successful and enjoyable camp. The Ankara Youth Campsite at Walkers Flat provided many opportunities for participants to plan and grow from new experiences as well as adjusting when activities didn't go as planned due to the '50 year storm' we had in September! 

"I didn't really like the power failure but everybody helped each other and we found enough lights and torches to be able to see. We could still cook though because the kitchen used gas but we had to cook and eat by torch light" 

Your generosity provides hope and encouragement to the MIFSA team who draw inspiration from support via donations to those who seek mental health services. 

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"Life has changed from feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and not being able to get off the couch, to hopeful, engaged and looking forward to the future." 

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